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Hi! My name is Ayla, better known as AiraSora (or AiraChica from before 2016) I'm female, Danish and born in 1994 x) I'm a (non)Disney crossover editor, but sometimes anime and a few cartoons sneak their way into my channel. I started editing in 2009 when I was 12 years old. I started with editing videos on my cellphone on a program called "videoDJ" which meant I would record whatever footage I needed onto my phone by sitting still in front of my computer and holding the phone x'D I moved onto WLMM in 2010 when I was 14 years old. I got more into the editing community and even started joining MEPs and MEP studios and I think everything just really took off after that. That's also when I got more into crossovers (or rather, I dared trying it out xD) I moved onto Sony Vegas Pro in October 2011 and added Adobe After Effects to my editing programs in 2016. I hope to continue developing as an editor and continue to make new stories with our beloved (non)Disney characters :D


AiraSora er en dansk Youtuber.

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På nuværende tidspunkt har AiraSora omkring 15901 YouTube abonnenter og er rangeret nummer 400. på den danske youtuber rangliste baseret på antal af totale kanalabonnenter og hører til top 52%. Kanalen har i alt 855 videoer og 7362462 visninger.


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400. 10/10 15901
401. 10/09 15900
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268. 10/10 7362462
269. 10/09 7362330

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