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I like to film my hobbies, mostly 1:14 scale Rc Truck and 1:10 scale crawlers, besides I'm still working a bit with 1:5 large scale FG and HPI onroad and off-road cars, something I spent a lot of time with, before I switched to 1:14 models in 2009. Last but not least I am hooked on real racing so this will also appear on my channel big time too. I just participated in a TV show, see it here https://youtu.be/g-6GubvZA2Y I'm a truck driver and I have been running since 1982 in most of Europe and all of Scandinavia . my education is trained truck mechanic and I have previously worked 6 years as a mechanic at Volvo Trucks. I also had a period of 2 years owned a computer business which was a dream because my other big hobby has always been computers and I have massively participated in SIMRACING over the years in almost all SIMRACING games available from Nascar and GPL to GTR2, Race07, netKar Pro, rFactor, rFactor2,Game stock car and Formula Truck


Michael Wickstrøm er en dansk Youtuber.

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