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Hey wazzup out there? MikuFan 3000 is the name. I'm a guy there love Miku Hatsune a lot! More then anything to be exact. I also love racing, and our planet. What i do* I post a lot of gaming videos, and racing, and reactions. I do also show some Anime when i find something to show. Things i don't want* Please don't comment bad stuff. And i also hate people there hurt each other. It hurts me too when i see them cry, and i feel i always wanna help. Even if i can't, i will still give it a try. Favorites* Miku Hatsune. Good videos. And making friends. =) If you wanna know more, your always welcome. Please make sure you subscribe to become a MikuFan, and i will see you next time, in my next video. =) Enjoy your stay, and have a good night, and also.... Believe In Miku Hatsune. =)


MikuFan 3000 er en dansk Youtuber.

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På nuværende tidspunkt har MikuFan 3000 omkring 9537 YouTube abonnenter og er rangeret nummer 463. på den danske youtuber rangliste baseret på antal af totale kanalabonnenter og hører til top 60%. Kanalen har i alt 554 videoer og 847359 visninger.


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463. 10/10 9537
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330. 08/08 9517
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330. 05/03 9231
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476. 10/10 847359
477. 10/09 847359
331. 08/08 819840
254. 05/04 5897717
254. 05/03 5892353

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