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sugar and spice ASMR
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Go out there and spread lots of love and positivity- we all need it. That's my filosofi. Actress/Singer/ASMR'tist. That's me :) I named my channel "sugar and spice", because I'll be uploading some very gentle and soft material, as well as some more agressive and strong sounds :-) I also like to do some "serious" ASMR, as well as some more fun videos. Plus I'm an actress and a singer, so I like expressing myself in many different ways :-) What is ASMR to me? It's ever so simple: Think of one specific sound that makes you CRAZY! A sound that makes you cringe and cover your ears in pain. To me ASMR is the COMPLETE opposite. It's all about sounds/images/sensations that makes you unwind, relax, be happy and feel a psysical tingly sensation in the back of your head and/or down your spine. Like when you are listening to some good music, and you get goosebumps; It's therapeutic. It's happiness. It's positive energy. It's relaxation. Hugs and smiles Camilla.


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522. 10/10 568350
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