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Hello there! ^^ Welcome to the most relaxing channel on Youtube! I'm Lilium and I make relaxing videos to help people sleep and chill out. These videos are also known to trigger ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which is described as a pleasant tingling sensation in the scalp and or other body parts. Please subscribe and enjoy my free content that is uploaded several times a week :) My purpose is to be people's safe haven, their relaxing escape and their trustful companion from afar. I offer myself 100% free of charge and give ALL people equal possibility to access my wide range of videos, which I believe is how it should be You can support me by becoming my Patreon and receive awesome rewards for your help :) ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! THANKS SO MUCH!!!! :) I will see you soon in my next video! :-* Love Lilium


TheOneLilium ASMR er en dansk Youtuber.

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På nuværende tidspunkt har TheOneLilium ASMR omkring 216162 YouTube abonnenter og er rangeret nummer 42. på den danske youtuber rangliste baseret på antal af totale kanalabonnenter og hører til top 5%. Kanalen har i alt 441 videoer og 62738319 visninger.


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42. 10/10 216162
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43. 10/10 62738319
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40. 08/08 61497704
41. 05/04 59251342
40. 05/03 59228751

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