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Sup. I'm a 27 year old who loves playing adventure & weird fucking games. That's what you're going to get. Don't expect really big names here, as I'm sort of doing this Youtube thing to get my lazy butt into being more productive, playing some more games and seeing what other talent is out there.Also, English is my second language, so I'm doing my best mkay? Thanks for watching , and if you have a game suggestion or are a developer looking for an audience to your game, feel free to contact me - email's best. Q: Do you do the games blind? A: Yes, most of the time I like to do blind let's plays since I enjoy being surprised by a game. All copyrighted media is owned by their respective companies. My videos are made with the purpose of comedy and contain commentary, as stated under the 'Fair use' policy of copyright. I retain rights to all the custom made artwork that I make for most of my games, unless it's made for someone or by someone else.


ZenBear er en dansk Youtuber.

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På nuværende tidspunkt har ZenBear omkring 5398 YouTube abonnenter og er rangeret nummer 517. på den danske youtuber rangliste baseret på antal af totale kanalabonnenter og hører til top 67%. Kanalen har i alt 563 videoer og 996517 visninger.


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517. 10/10 5398
518. 10/09 5398
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466. 10/10 996517
467. 10/09 996517

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